Thursday, October 3, 2019

Supercop of Aryavrat by Mithilesh Kumar (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

I was never inclined so much towards mythology and history but the modern literature where the authors assure that we don’t get bored of these stories are very entertaining to read as the writers write them like fiction and not how our History books were written. One such book that I have just ended up reading is written by Mr. Mithilesh Kumar who is 65+ of age. Kudos to author for sharing his knowledge with us at this age. The name of the book is “Supercop of Aryavrat” published by Authors Upfront in around 300 pages. Yes, the book is quite lengthy, but I must say it is worth reading if you really wanted to read about Lord Krishna’s adventures on the planet Earth.

It is not easy to write on any such historical or mythological character considering the amount of research it goes into knowing each and every detail about him/her but I must say the maturity of author can be seen in every sentence written in this book describing one or the other tale having Krishna in the scenario somewhere or the other playing his strategic mind games. We get to know his story right from how he got his birth, his childhood, his days as king, his multiple marriages, his difficult moment with his cousins which led to the war of Mahabharata where he played a very big role which made us know and understand about our religion and finally the few moments before his death and finally his death.

I am glad that author, rather, than talking only about those events which all of us already know about Krishna’s childhood and youth talked about events which most of us are unaware about but plays a big importance in understanding the character and dynamicity of this Superman called Lord Krishna. Though author has never tried to project him as God or Lord in the book, but you can understand how important Legend he has been to give positive results to many incidents of history/mythology. Also, I liked how author didn’t spend major time in the sequence where Bhagawad Geeta is imparted but talked only about actions which happened at fast-pace unlike other books which ends up giving importance only to that section and ends the book then and there.

Another great observation that I had while reading is- author has not written this book in awe of Krishna where his mistakes aren’t highlighted. If author talks about his bravery, strategy, decision-making, courage, romance, power, leadership, respect, author also highlights his mistakes, mischiefs, wrong decisions, regrets, immaturity, ignorance etc.

Now talking about the drawbacks, I would say that author could have definitely given this book a good edit by 40-50 pages as I felt few scenes are really described more than needed. Also, through the title of the book, very less people would be able to guess that it is about Lord Krishna which shall keep this book away even from people searching for book on the Lord. Author started with a chapter which should have actually been the ending chapter of the book as it could have given an emotional climax to the book whereas now it gives an incomplete feeling to the reader in case reader is not able to connect the last sentence of the book with the 1st chapter. There are too many characters in the book, which is definitely not author’s mistake, but I believe a family tree, or the relation of the characters could have been mentioned in the start of the book for reference throughout. I also felt that few characters are not given very nice built-up due to which you can’t connect with them throughout. And lastly, I believe the multiple marriages of Krishna is discussed regularly in the 1st half of the book which irritated me after a point of time.

Other than the above observations, this book is definitely one of the good books on Krishna and I give this book 4.25* out of 5 and I would love to read more books by the author in the same genre.




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