Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lead with Purpose Like Anand Mahindra by Rajiv Agarwal (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

Constantly reviewing books makes you aware even about the strategies that the Publishers implement and believe it or not, that impacts the reading experience for good actually. Rupa Publications have initiated a new series named “Management Lessons From The Masters” in which they talk about personalities who have built their brand with their management skills. The first one was on the management lessons by Kumar Mangalam Birla whereas the 2nd book that I have just finished is based on Anand Mahindra, one of my favorite entrepreneurs too. The book is titled “Lead With Purpose Like Anand Mahindra” and written by the same author, Rajiv Agarwal, who is a family business consultant.

The book has around 17 beautiful chapters across 153 pages where each one of them provides us wonderful insight on specific management lessons inspired from the corporate life of Anand Mahindra. I work in an IT company where Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. is one of our clients and therefore even before reading this book, I was quite aware about Anand Mahindra and his achievements. The book describes his humility along with the successes that he has achieved. How he has enabled the strength in the employees of his company-either at the board level or just a young candidate who has joined in is narrated with examples and results which is really something that one can learn from.

The way Mr. Anand used to hear out his employees’ ideas and boost them take it up without interfering in the project is an amazing read as it really tells about his personality and the reason why Mahindra is so big today. Also, the equation of Anand with Ratan Tata is an entertaining read and how in one of the instances, Anand treated a comment by Tata as a pat on back by elder brother is beautifully highlighted by the author. It teaches a lot. Similarly, for every merger and acquisition, the treatment with the other party by Anand is also mentioned which tells his dynamics and decision-making capabilities.

Along with such instances which are generally common in all the entrepreneurs, the new things that we get to learn is what makes this book a recommendable option for the readers such as how Mahindra encouraged innovation through the concept of Mavericks and Skunkworks. Similarly, the concept of Blue chip conferences, Annual War Room, Roadshow and shadow boards is afresh and something that can really motivate other leaders to follow to understand everyone’s point of view. How Anand Mahindra went against the theory of core competencies and followed Value Chain Theory describes how he manages risks and competencies. Along with the successful points of Mr. Anand Mahindra, author has also discussed how he has also failed in some decisions, mostly in the automobile department. I liked how author has covered many aspects of this personality which I can surely not cover in this short review but reading this book makes you a little better professional, I certainly believe this. The book is also summarized beautifully in the end which serves the purpose of keeping the reader focused towards self-motivation and improvement.

Now, talking about couple of drawbacks: - In the first half of the book, many points are repeated quite some time which bores you as the same point are later on, covered up in a specific chapter based on it. Also, in the initial chapters, as big numbers are continuously discussed, it gives a negative impression that you might dislike the book due to too much technical stuff being discussed. But thankfully, later, nothing as such is faced. Except these few points, I didn’t find any such lacking points in the book which should be pointed out specifically. I give this one 4.25 stars out of 5.




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