Sunday, April 14, 2019

Finding Utopia by Ruhee Advani (Book Review: 3.25*/5) !!!

There are few books which can’t be judged on the same parameters as others because of the way they are presented and written. How can you judge a book of 50 pages with an average size of book with 250 pages, right? This Sunday, I completed reading a book named “Finding Utopia” written by a young authoress named, Ruhee Advani. This book is of around 50 pages which is written in a format of a play which has around 3 different acts with distinct themes.

Ruhee has very cleverly kept this book short with an interesting concept for youngster which speaks about the trauma and confusion they go through when they are in their teens and about to pass-out from college. The insecurities of the children about their present and future, their questions about life, their fear about what they are doing is morally right or wrong is all discussed in this book in a very lighter note.

The 1st act speaks about how Juhi’s friends are discussing about her state of mind which is not going great and seems if she has lost her way. Then a great conversation between Juhi and Arjun is kept in the focus where this stranger gives answers to all the questions Juhi had about life, herself and circumstances which were disturbing her mind.

The 2nd act is very short where the realization of all what the stranger Arjun discussed with Juhi is discussed. The 2nd act describes about Juhi’s life getting back on the way as her inner thoughts are stable and she has got all the answers she was searching for.

The 3rd act is about Juhi sharing her experiences with her parents where she gets to understand a new dimension of life where you need to search for your soulmate in a person who has capabilities to change and transform your life. The way book ends with a romantic angle to the whole act is a sweet and perfect way how this book could have ended. Overall, this book is a good light read of 30-45 minutes in between of thick books that we are usually indulged in. I give this one 3.25* out of 5.




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