Thursday, December 27, 2018

I also slept with Rashmi Verma by Sexthon (Book Review: 2.5*/5) !!!

I have read books from almost all the genres though most of them have been by Indian authors only. Well, to be frank, 99% of them as it has been my personal choice to promote Indian authors as very few Indian readers pick up a book by Indian and I wanted readers to give the same respect to the authors of our country too. The one genre that I believe I haven’t read is erotica but it has also begun finally with the latest book I have read by an author whose pen name is “Sexthon” and the name of the book is “I also slept with Rashmi Verma”. Yes, the title itself says it all.

This book is written in a very entertaining way which ensures that you do not feel that you are reading a pornography content nor do you feel the book going nowhere. The book is divided into chapters and each chapter deals with a different situation in the life of the protagonist though few chapters are interlinked with each other for sure. The narrative of the book is designed such that you would want to know what happens with the protagonist, his crush- Rashmi Verma and his other friends who are either mad about sex or completely sexually deprived. The way author describes and discusses funny tales of protagonist’s friends is highly entertaining and the dialogues used between them is something makes reading the chapters hilarious.

The book starts with how the protagonist is also dreaming to get laid with Rashmi Verma who has slept with almost everyone he knows but only he has been neglected for years and later in the chapters, the desperation and disappointment of the character is discussed. The book also discusses about different genders, different sexual orientation and different approach towards Sex by people in a humorous manner. The brave thing that I could easily decipher while reading the book is author’s guts to discuss Mahabharata’s stories and inter-relating it with these sexually charged characters.

Now talking about the drawbacks of the book, 113 pages are too short for fulfilling the readers’ expectation when the book consists of so many characters. Author just could not talk much about them because he had already set a limit on pages that he wants to complete this book in. Secondly, the conversations written in Hindi are not in the correct accent which makes it difficult to read them and hence you read the English translation provided for them which does not have the same fun that the Hindi dialogues have. It would have been more interesting if author could have added the female perspective too but he focused more on the desperate males. In the 2nd half, few chapters are boring and does not have quite a meaning to them which makes this book weak. Overall, this book is a light fun content to which I am rating 2.5* out of 5.


Abhilash Ruhela!!! 


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