Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Kaafir's Love by Abhisar Sharma (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

There are few books which give you positive vibes the moment you view them for the first time. And these are also the book which ends up disappointing you a lot in case they do even a small mistake in impressing you. Fortunately, this has not been the case with the 38th book of this year which I completed reading named “The Kaafir’s Love” by the famous journalist, Abhisar Sharma. Being a journalist himself and knowing about the communal issues in India, Abhisar has very intellectually used the concept in plotting his fiction story based on a love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl.

The book is promoted as a romantic story but it has a thrilling effect to it which makes it a special read throughout. Right from the first page to the last, the book is a perfect page-turner where it speaks about many relationships like lovers, friends, mother-son, father-son etc. and treats each one of them with full justice. The thrilling moment which are the turning points of the story are described very beautifully that you get so engrossed in the book you can picturize the whole scene happening in front of your eyes. The political angle attached with the story is a secondary plot in the first half of the book and the way it becomes the primary thing in the 2nd half, takes this book to another level itself.

The number of secrets that are revealed in the 2nd half of the book tells a lot about the writer Abhisar Sharma has in him. He has lots of potential which can be observed through his narration itself. Writing a book with multiple characters and yet treating each one of them justifyingly that you can connect with one of them tells a lot about his writing skills. The book also becomes nostalgic at many times in the way it describes the love angle of the protagonists, the backdrop of the small town, the local politicians, the relationships etc. The climax of the book is very well-handled which was extremely necessary to end this book on a higher note after such a magnetic and strong plot running throughout the story. The story completely justifies its title “The Kaafir’s Love”. I am looking forward to read more books by the writer. I give this book no less than 4.5* out of 5. Recommended!




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