Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5 Break-Free Truths by Vijaya & Amol (Book Review- 3*/5) !!!

No one can separate a reader from reading non-fiction books in queue if he has picked up the first one from the genre. Something similar has happened with me. These days I am enjoying non-fiction books than any other books. I am just done reading “5 Break-Free Truths” which also comes with a tagline “Discover your potential and achieve extraordinary success”. The book is written by the duo- Vijaya Suvarna and Amol Muley and published by my favorite non-fiction publication house- Jaico. This 230 pages book tells us a lot about the preconceived notions in our mind that we have created about something. It tells how we have blocked our mind from thinking anything beyond the confinements that we have created around it. This book is an eye-opener for everyone who wishes to achieve something but keeps on blaming someone else for its incompletion.

The book is nicely divided into chapters and a similar format under each chapter which makes it easy for the reader to understand the basic problem that has been identified in the chapter and then reading further comes to know what exactly the Truth behind our version of distorted truth is. The way author asks us to analyze our problems by also giving multiple statements of similar section of problem is quite helpful to understand exactly what kind of problems can be solved by following the suggestions provided in the particular chapter. The examples given in the chapter are nice. The only problem is that some of them are so descriptive and long that it becomes boring after a point of time as we already know what problem the protagonist in that part of the story must be facing. Such chapters could have been discussed just in a page or two.

The 5 break free truth that are discussed are worthy enough to be written in a book format to let the people recognize the ultimate truth behind all the confinements they have created in their life for not achieving something. Yes, I believe that the book is not super-motivating but few tips provided in it will surely bring effect in the life of the reader as people will stop blaming and start working. The case-studies in the end is a nice ending to the book. Overall, the book is an okay effort in this genre and I give it 3 stars out of 5.




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