Friday, January 6, 2017

State vs Amrit Kumar by Dr. Govind Sharma (Book Review- 3.75*/5)!!!

After taking a long break from reading when I finally returned back to it, I picked up the book written by the debutante, Dr. Govind Sharma IAS (RETD), named "State vs Amrit Kumar". Seeing that the book is of about 150 pages only, I had doubts if it would have covered anything substantial in the name of the story which can create any kind of effect on the reader, but the experience of reading this one turned out to be great because of the depth in which author have covered the whole story. Right from the first page, author keeps you intrigued regarding what will finally happen with Mr. Amrit Kumar, the protagonist of this story. You want to know why is the lawyer fighting his case when he is the Hero of the story and could not have done anything wrong. 

The book starts with introduction of too many characters which is the only drawback I found in this story. Remembering too many characters and their relation with each other made things very complex for the reader. But the characters have really managed to give depth to the background of the story that author have managed to cover in the first half of the book. The way author have built up the story wins the reader's heart. At a point when we come to know that Amrit Kumar have just taken his birth in the story, it comes as a surprise that the whole story is going to take us to the next generation all together. And the way dots are connected in the 2nd half by letting each other's children meet among themselves etc, gives story the much needed boost.

The characterization of Amrit Kumar is nicely done and the way he fights against the corrupt without worrying about the law and the instructions from his seniors makes you another fan of his. Author have also tried to justify up to what level can a police officer go to help the society and people. Even though the character's mindset is rightly defined according to a horrific incident he experienced as a child, author haven't proved everything done by him as a right revenge against corrupts. The politics, lust, love, belonging-ness, motherly love, corruption etc. are very well covered by the writer. The story had so many dimensions that I felt I only got to read the synopsis in 150 pages. Author could have easily stretched this story and explained things more descriptively by writing it in 350-400 pages. I will give this book 3.75* out of 5.




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