Monday, June 22, 2015

The Seeker by Karan Bajaj (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

   I have been a great fan of Karan Bajaj's books. He writes story based upon some unusual protagonists who urges you to think about your boring life and makes you think something exciting for yourself. He has taken 5 years to release his 3rd book for which many were waiting just like me. "The Seeker" have released just last week and it's already at No. 8 in Bestselling list. That's what Karan Bajaj is even when he has not been in much limelight even after writing some seriously good books. "The Seeker" seems to be his ambitious project and after completing this book, I am happy that I have read something of this kind. Though the story is not as dramatic as his first two books but still, it's no less. It takes you on the path that you might never travel and therefore urges you to go that way and experience what every human being should.

        Karan Bajaj's writing style is wonderful which makes you turn pages every minute. He writes in a way that makes his book a definite page-turner. The narration is wonderful even when book is based upon spirituality and enlightenment. Generally, such books are boring and you leave it in between but that's where Karan Bajaj have weaved magic in his writing. He have assured that you will not be preached by anything that can bore you and make you feel that you are in a yoga class or something. He keeps everything simple and yet speaks a story that was very essential to be told in today's world where stress have overcome everything else. 

              Though the book is not very interesting initially when Max, the protagonist, is living in a very stressed situation in overseas. But as soon as he decides to go to Himalayas to find the peace that he have been eyeing for in the situation, the book takes a wonderful turnover and starts delivering a journey to you on which you find yourself walking along side Max. Every geographical location is so beautifully described that you feel you are actually finding a Yogi yourself through the way that Max is traveling. Even protagonist's adventure isn't taken in an over-the-top description where everything starts seeming to be some fantasy world. You can relate with him as you have heard such stories before. 

            The whole struggle of Max in an avalanche is wonderfully narrated. You can feel for the protagonist. The real fun of the book starts when Max reaches where he wanted to and his routine starts from as early as 3.30 AM. How he starts getting physically fit is an inspiration and you want to leave the book then and there and start performing those Asanas yourself. Another great scene is when Max starts performing Yoga and feels that he is flying in the air in between. It is beautifully written. And the summer scene when Max gets attracted to a woman and makes love with her even when their body didn't have any energy is memorable. In all, Karan Bajaj have written a good book which will compel you to follow the path of Yoga, meditation, spirituality and enlightenment. I give the book 3.75*/5. 




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