Thursday, April 30, 2015

Equilibrium by Paras Joshi (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

      Generally when 21 year old writes novel in India, you just don't even want to touch it because you know it would be nothing more than a love story or a college campus tale. But what Paras Joshi have done with Equilibrium is something that should set a big example for all the authors out there. At 21, he has attempted something that the authors between 40-55 age group have started attempting in India. After Amish's trilogy series, many authors have got inspired by it and anyone who had interest in history, mythology and philosophy started attempting the same in three parts. Though I am yet to hear any updates of the 2nd book of all such writers. I hope Paras announces the one soon before this story wipes out of our mind.    

          Paras have written this one by mixing history, mythology, fantasy and science fiction though history has been created by his fictional mind here. It is one of the most toughest plot I have read till date. It isn't easy to write. But I am happy that Paras have tried to explore the area which is difficult and challenged himself as a writer. The book starts with a very wonderful pace and it keeps going till the last page without stopping or slowing down even for 5 pages in between. One or the new thing keeps getting introduced regularly which hooks you to the story. The names that he have used like Avaasya, Tamisra, Gurujanas, Saatvika, Jalayu etc gives a feel of the genre in which he has scribbled this story in. The sentence-formation and wonderful narration makes you imagine everything and that's almost a success to the author's work.

            There are few drawbacks too. I didn't feel quite connected with any of the character because of the super speed in which this story moves ahead. Also, because the author keeps describing new plot every now and then, it becomes hard for you to remember each one of them as even the names used are difficult and new. The anti-climax isn't the one that makes you feel that a great tale is about to end and even the climax isn't fully captivating. It isn't bad but less than what I had imagined while reading the same initially. Also, all the trilogies are based on the same concept of good vs evil which have become quite predictable. But still, this book is a worth-go and at the age of 21, Paras have done wonders with his work. I would ask everyone to read this book if this is their favorite genre. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.




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