Friday, November 14, 2014

An Interview with author, Vikas Singal!!!

     As I wrote few days back in one of my reviews that I read an e-book for the first time. It was "And... They Fell in Love" by Vikas Singal. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to interview him and ask few questions I had in mind. It's all here for everyone of you to read and hear what the author has to say about his e-book and future plans.

1. Hello Vikas! We would like to know something about your childhood and background before knowing about how you turned into an author. 

Well, I am brought up in a small town Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan. I have spent my childhood as one of the most adored child of my family. My parents are quite traditional but they have installed some really good self belief in me. And that have helped me a lot.

2. What triggered you that you suddenly thought of writing these stories and releasing them for all the readers?

It was just another day of my simple life when something happened. I wanted to remember it for life time, so I wrote that incident in a short story format. One of my roommate read it and found it fabulous. That’s how it all started.

3. How did the idea of publishing only the e-Book version of And… They Fell in Love come into your mind? Why didn’t you go for paperback version?

To be honest, I contacted few publishers but the material was not long enough. And the cost of paper version was coming way too high. So I just keep it as an E-Book for now.

4. What exactly did you want to convey through the three stories that you have sincerely written in this book?

If I talk to the point, my answer would be “ Love still exists and few couple are really made for each other”.

5. Are you planning to write any full-fledged novel? Or longer forms of short stories?

Yes, it’s in pipeline. 

6. Why don’t you participate in various Anthology competitions if you are interested in writing Short stories? They can give you better exposure. 

Yes, soon you would see me in one of those anthologies! I am game for it.

7. By when are you publishing your next work? Any idea on what it would be based upon?

I am working on my second book but I am not position to say a definite time line for it. Yes, it would be based on relationships.

8. If you win a major award for your stories, what would you say in the speech? 

Hard one!! I have to prepare it first. But it would end something like this:

Honesty still is the best policy.
Hard work still pays. 
And the Good Guy still gets the best Girl!


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