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Interview with Author- Piyush Naik!!!

An Interview with Piyush Naik, author of "Oops, I fell in love with DON's daughter":-

Hello Piyush sir, what is your feeling after being an author now? What’s your perspective about life now after achieving a rare flagship in your life?
       Hello, firstly I’m not that big name to be called Sir; in age also I’m small. So please call me Piyush. It feels great to be an Author. Before, I used to see a situation by just one angle, but now I try to see through various sides of life. 

When you saw your first novel- “Oops, I fell in love with DON's daughter” for sale on E-commerce websites and placed at a bookstore for the first time, what kind of thoughts dominated your mind?
When I saw my book, a volcano of emotions erupted in me. I think when our dreams come true we aren’t just happy, we can actually sense happiness.

Before we head towards discussing your book, we would like to know in spite of being an author, what do you exactly do? And do you wish to be in the job some day or come into full-time writing?
I’m just like any other normal teenager; I’m currently doing engineering from Pune University. Yes, I would have to find a job, to earn a living. But you never know, I might take writing as full-time. These are things of future and my future plans are currently ‘work in progress.’ But I know one thing I would definitely like to work in entertainment industry. Let’s see what future plans for me. (smiles)

What is your book all about? And from where did this idea occur to you?
‘Oops! I fell in for Don’s daughter’ has cocktail of emotions, which will take you back to your carefree school days.  It wittily narrates the divine feeling of crush, excitement of love, explores the relation called friendship, with some bizarre coincidences and great misunderstandings.
          To be frank, I was kind of bored by reading all college love stories, and it’s not a rule that you should fall in love only in college. It’s not like that one morning I just woke up with a story, I’m a dreamer, one day while thinking about love this story came to my mind and this story reflected lives of today’s teenagers. So, I decided to pen it down. 

How much long did it take to write this book from the moment you started developing the story to start writing it till completing it finally with editing and all?
When you are writing your first book, it takes a lot time, believe me. It took nearly three years to see the book in paperback.

Indian Publishing is too hard to deal with, was it easy for you to get a Publisher or did u wait for a long time to get your work published?
I would not say it was like a cake walk for me so I had seen rejection letters. Which somehow improved various things in me, to be precise it taught me to be calm and patient. But in the end the sweetness of the result made me forgot the bitterness of the journey.

What are the Promotional strategies that you and your publisher have applied to promote/market your book?
Social network is the best place today, where you can promote your work. I have introduced the lead characters of my book, and have shared some lines from the book.  Authors Empire had been with me in planning and promoting the book.

What exactly is your target from your Books- 1. Getting most copies sold out, 2. Getting the love of readers or 3. You just wrote it because you wanted to write a book once in your life, hence you have no targets?
I would say both the things are important, but I don’t just want a best-seller tag. Even if a single person reads my book and says, he loved it, I’m happy. And I don’t believe in keeping a certain target. I believe after achieving a certain goal you should move forward and work to achieve the next goal, rather than stopping. 

By when are you coming up with your next novel? And if possible, do give us an idea about what it would be.
It is too soon to say, when my next book will arrive, but most probably it will come by the end of the year, maybe December. My next book will be an emotional thriller, which will tell the darker side of love, in my style. (laughs)

In the end, tell us in 5-7 lines, what speech will you give if you win a Major Award for the Best Indian Author for your books?
(smiles) I would just like to thank God, for giving me such a beautiful gift that I can write stories which can make people happy. And also thank him for proving everyone wrong that day dreaming can’t earn you anything, as I have earned this award by day dreaming. (Smiles) in the end but most importantly I would like to thank my readers.




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