Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Story of by Sara Gilbert (Book Review)!!!

           As promised in the last book review, I am back with another book from "Jaico Young Readers Series". "The Story of" by Sara Gilbert. This is yet another 65 pages book which tells us about the evolution of, one of the first e-commerce websites which started its journey from selling books and it sells almost everything online. It is said to be the Walmart of Internet. Amazon recently got launched in India and the way Indians welcomed it will always remain in my memory. Even I was a part of it and I have ordered some 2-3 books through it. It is currently providing free shipping to all the Indian users for a short period of time. And hence Flipkart, the most trusted e-commerce website has got imbalanced and started "Big Offers Day" to beat somehow. This is the magnificence of in the world. 

           The book is written in the same manner as "The Story of facebook" is written. Sara Gilbert has done a very good job in mentioning only the key factors in the book and that too in a language which is quite easier for a person to understand. If this would have been an adult book, there would have been so many terms that a laymen would not have had an idea of. But this book is created perfectly. Children are difinitely going to like this book. It teaches us how to not lose our patience and belief even in losses and times of difficulty. Book majorly tells about the continuous loss that kept witnessing since it launch but yet got fame because of the awesome service it provided. It tells how Jeff Bezos kept his temper cool and worked on his dream. A great lesson for children who are generators of tomorrow.

           I never knew that was known for falling continuously in the market. The way Harry Potter's 5th book boosted the site and helped it to survive in the market is a surprising fact. And the 6th and 7th book also helped the site to see some profit. The Kindle launch again helped the company to get into the race of being the best e-commerce website in the market. This book is also a wonderful read but not as good as The Story of Facebook. Now, my next read is "The Story of Nike".




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