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Uff Ye Emotions!!! Book Review!!!

            Finally, I am done reading "Uff Ye Emotions"- An Anthology published by Mahaveer Publishers. This is the first time when I have read an anthology in which various authors have contributed rather than just one. Before this, I have experienced the same while reading Chicken Soup series which has short stories on a basic theme from various different authors. But 206-pages anthology- Uff Ye Emotions has been a totally new concept in which every love story is of 5000 words each by 11 different authors. The good part about the book is that it has the names which are already famous among the category of people who are accustomed with Blogs on Internet portal. The free service by Bloggers are always appreciated as they come up with creative stuffs every week and entertain the masses. No one has to pay to read the stories and articles. They just need to click the blog link.

               Vinit Bansal is the editor of the book who is already a famous author known for his only book "I Am Heartless" which has also been translated into Hindi with the name "Woh Chali Gayi" and recently, work has been started to translate it into Punjabi language too. Talking about Uff Ye Emotions, one thing for which Vinit Bansal should be applauded is the way he has promoted other 10 authors over him. I, being a part of this anthology, can easily say that he worked in the same manner as Aamir Khan worked in Taare Zameen Par. He let the other newbies do the main job and he kept himself as a supporting part of the venture. For this, I would seriously like to salute him. I have never seen such initiative in Fiction Industry of our country by anyone. I would love to work again with you, Vinit sir.

             Coming to the book, I feel that the purity imbibed in each story can be associated with love. None of the story is out of the track or seem to be a wanna-be attempt. Every story has been tried with full passion and interest. Though, with some story it has worked while with some, it didn't. 

      Starting with the first story- Love @ Platform by Vinit Bansal, the main excitement in the story starts when girl contributes in the boy's dream but I didn't want story to end the way it did. 

     The Soulmate by Anjit Sharma again starts from a bus stop in the same way as Vinit sir's story began. The scenario when boy goes to girl's house to ask for her hand is a very terrifying scene. The news articles which state that criminals die one after another is the high point of the story but once again I didn't want climax to be such. 

      Then comes- A Date with Fate by Abhilash Ruhela about which I want to hear from all of you. I can't review myself, right? :-)

       Priyanka Dey's Reminiscences has amazing words at right places which makes every sentence beautiful. I loved reading all the sentences in the story but yet again, I banged my head after the climax. 

       Saurabh Arya's Love in the Times of Turbulence's present part is wonderful but the flashback didn't have the kind of masala that I expect. 

       C. Suresh's A Path of Thorns is the best story for me. It had the ignition that was missing in all the previous stories. :-) Kudos, sir.

       Love Undefined by Pankaj Mittal & Rachna Sheth is a very sweet and unique story. It's very fresh that I have never ever read before. It is another booster in the book. Kudos to both of them.

     Sanhita Baruah's Happily Ever After does well when the surprise scene is been described and how the girl gets snubbed and the after-reaction. 

       Stephen Anthony K's The Intercity Express is initially good but I lost the interest because of almost void interaction between the protagonists. 

       Himanshu Chhabra's I Love You, I love You too is exactly what I expected from him. As he is young in age, he has drafted a story of his age itself. And he has perfectly written what he wanted to. A genuine attempt.

       Drishti Dasgupta's story- And Then...I fell in Love! is a good end to the book. Her language and narration is very good. Book ends on a good note.

             Now, coming to the drawbacks- I have one problem with the selection of the stories. As the stories have been chosen through a contest, all the 10 stories should have been of different types. The first three story itself has the whole process at metro station, local train, bus stop etc. Later on, one story again shares it space at a Railway platform. This repetition of same kind of places and scenes did irritate me. Then, as I have regularly complained above- The climax of many stories has been kept kind of sad or incomplete which does not suit the theme- LOVE STORY. I believe that there are two types of Love Story- Happy and Sad but still....

           Then, I have a personal grudge against the editor of the book. The index itself has the name of Anjit Sharma's story's title incorrect. Soulmate is written "Solulmate". And then, after reading all the stories, I have found the most mistake being made in my story. I have almost found 4-6 mistakes that are done by editor's side. I don't know if the impartiality towards my story is intentional or it is some co-incidence but whatever it is, I am unhappy as my story is not been treated the way I wanted it to. I don't know why I wasn't sent the story for a proof-read after it was been edited for the last time. I recheck my Blog Post twice before posting it. It is obvious that I would react this way when my published work gets spoiled for the reason that I am most sensitive towards. 

          In the end, I would say that after completing the book you will surely feel that you were lost in a world full of love. I will give the attempt of this anthology 3.5/5 stars. You will remember some sentences in the book for all your life.



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Unknown said...

Very cool what you are doing with the giveaway! I wish you well on the rest of your tour:O)


Anonymous said...

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Neha Shayari said...

Uff Ye Emotions is a collection of beautiful love stories......although each and every story of this book has its own beauty...but my favourite story from this book is "The Soul mate" written by "Anjit Sharma".......every emotion of this story is expressed beautifully........the happiness,love,companionship,sorrow,hope....every emotion is just simply hats off to the his other works...this one too have its own charm and beauty.....and congrats to others writers too....for their amazing work......great work guys.....:)

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