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100th BOOK REVIEW- ROBIN SHARMA's The Secret Letters of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari!!!

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            I still remember my comeback into this world of book reading- The first time that I picked "Who will cry when you die?" by Robin Sharma from Nashik Railway Station's wheeler store(in 2008). I used to read too many books in my childhood out of which most of them used to be magazines. But after passing my 8th std, mere parr lag gaye and I refrained myself from doing any intellectual activity. :-) In 11th std, I picked up this book again because I was in depression and I wanted to die anytime soon. The title interested me. But the outcome of the book turned out to be quite different than what I thought while picking it up. I got many secrets of living a happy life. I now wanted to experiment all the suggestions that the author gave in the book. For that, I had to live, not die. :-) And after experimenting those things in life, I got a reason to live. Since then, I started considering Robin Sharma as my Guru. He came as a Godly figure in life who motivated me with his thoughts and suggestions. Then I went for The Monk who Sold his Ferrari- the biggest masterpiece from the author. And fortunately, that book transformed my personality and whole purpose of life. After that, I went to Big Bazaar and purchased all his books. And after reading them, the positivism, fearlessness, enthusiasm etc that has got permanently embedded in my personality is inseparable. 

          I have just finished reading Robin Sharma's latest motivational book- "The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". Initially, I thought that it's about the letters Robin Sharma has received from the people who experienced the transformation in themselves after reading TMWSHF but no, this book is million times greater than my initial assumption. :-) Robin Sharma has crafted this book very differently. He has kept Julian- his favorite character in the book who still plays the role of the person who went to Himalaya and returned back after attaining wisdom and secrets of life from the monks and sages living there. And then doing the same what monks/sages did with him- Sharing the knowledge with others who have lost faith in life and enthusiasm in living. But this time, the book is not a sort of conversation that it has been every time Julian-based story is being written. It's about the journey of a man(Jonathan) through which he learns some principles of life. Before moving to the journey, he was frustrated with the life but once he gets all the principles, he gets excited to return back to his life and fix his unsettled job, unstable marriage and disappointed son. :-) 

             With Jonathan who learns the principle on the journey to which Julian sends him, even we get to learn all the principles. The talismans that is to be collected by Jonathan from different people residing in different areas of the world take us to the exploration of many beautiful spots/countries/cities existing in the world. It also gives us a sudden push for traveling to places that can teach us the serenity of life and exploration. The messages that Jonathan got with each Talisman makes us think about our own life and implementing the same with us. I got excited with each sentence of the book. Reading Robin Sharma's book is the most peaceful odyssey of my life. I can never forget the experience I had while reading all his previous books- may be 10 or something. The only one left to be read is- A Leader With No Title that I can pick up lately this month before the arrival of exam so that I get motivated yet again and study to my best. :-) Robin Sharma's books aren't meant to be read just once for the sake of reading it, but to be kept in our shelf and read whenever we feel angry, tired, sad, depressed, exasperated about life. 

            I don't think that any of the Sharma's book need a review. And I am not even eligible to review his book. But because I want those people to pick it up who are not content with their life. They will surely learn how wonderful life is and even if it's not, how can we live it wonderfully. Yes! And I found nothing better to write for my 699th POST than Robin Sharma's book and its effect on me and millions of people. Paulo Coelho, another revolutioniar in the league of Sharma's is also his fan. So friends, please read this book, you will surely thank me after experiencing the journey of reading this book and it's after effects in your life.




Soulmate said...

I read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari last year after issuing it from a library. I liked it so much that I went in search of the book in book shops because I wanted a permanent copy of it in my personal library.
So, now after reading this post, my next agenda is to hunt for The Secret Letters of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari!!

Thank you for mentioning the book in your review.

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