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Love, life and all that jazz... by Ahmed Faiyaz !!!

            So, I have completed "Love, Life and all that jazz.." by Ahmed Faiyaz. This is the second time when I took a week to complete a book. Damn to my college and this MCA CET which has come as an obstacle in between. But, I may say that it is wonderful to read good book by taking lot of days rather than completing it in 3-4 hours. At least you remain with those characters and a very good story for many days. :-) This is the debut novel of Ahmed Faiyaz. This is what Ahmed says about himself "I am a management consultant by profession and work for the Health Authority of the Government of Dubai in a Strategic Planning and Execution role. I have in my previous roles worked for Strategy Consulting firms in Dubai and India. I completed my graduation in 2006 from the SIBM. It is there that I first realised that my love for the written world was not limited to reading books. I began my stint with writing and became the editor of a fortnightly business journal for management students called ‘Forthright’. I am also a qualified CA(my biggest battle till date) and began my career with KPMG in Bangalore before I left my job to pursue an MBA degree."

              Coming to the STORY (I am not writing it in my words as the synopsis of the book is itself true, so I am just pasting it here), Tania, an interior decorator in Bombay, is in love with Sameer but finds it difficult to manage her long distance relationship with Sameer ever since he moved to the UK to pursue an MBA degree. After five years of togetherness will their love last or will Tania walk into the willing arms of her business partner, Ankur? Sameer is torn between his ambition to spread his wings and begin his career in the UK and his difficult long distance relationship with Tania whom he is committed to. Does he choose love and family or his career? Or does a life-altering event change his decision? Vikram is fun loving, charming and affluent. While he is looking for meaning in life and what he wants to do, he supports and encourages his girlfriend Naina to achieve her dreams of becoming a successful model. 

            Can they survive the pressure that comes with her growing popularity and the demands of her glamorous career? Or does destiny have something else in store for Vikram? While Tanveer is hardworking and ambitious, he is also terribly insecure of himself and of what life has to offer. He deals with a demanding job and a difficult boss and the pressure of financially supporting his family solely rests on his shoulders. Amidst all the gloom, Tanaz, the daughter of his Parsi landlady is the one ray of sunshine. The two are in love but will Tanveer's conservative family accept a girl who does not belong to the same religion? Will Tanveer make his own decisions in life or will his insecurity and subservience to a traditional outlook alter his life in ways he never imagined? This is the journey of life in a new India where these friends support each other and evolve through their experiences and missteps in Love, Life and all that Jazz...

           Coming to the REVIEW, Ahmed Faiyaz has used a very standard language to convey the story of these various couples. I liked his way of narration. I liked his way of revealing each character and their current problems and also going through their background. He has almost given justice to each and every character of the book. Book is lengthy but it is worth reading. You can't miss a single sentence. He has written the story of these friends from college who have passed out in 2003. And the story goes on till 2008. So, you can understand that the book consists of many aspects of one's journey from being a college pass-out to a matured person in the dominating society and expecting people all around you. 

            The story of the book revolves around all the characters and each of them has different story. You keep relating yourself to every character in some or the other way and you end up crying after every 20-30 pages periodically. Some moments in the book are really touchy and palpable and BEAUTIFUL. The moment when Sameer leaves for London is emotional. The scene where Tanveer tells his Islamic parents about his affair with a Parsi girl, Tanaz is so true and real. The depression of Tanveer after that is perfectly narrated. It touches you. Sameer's return to Mumbai because of a bad news shivers me. When Tanveer and Tanaz tells Tanaz's mother about a good news, her reaction to it again makes you cry. And then, the beautiful moments in this book never ends. They are uncountable. :-) 

            I will recommend all of you to get 2 copies of this book. Keep one with yourself and give the another copy to your loved one. This book is not about Love affairs. It is about many aspects one sees in life. I am in love with this book. Definitely, a 4.25 out of 5 to this book. Go and get it. 

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