Thursday, November 10, 2016

Band, Baaja, Boys! by Rachna Singh (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

I have always found myself disappointed after picking any book that belongs to "Humor" genre. I have always found such books a show-off where the author is forcing us to laugh by creating stupid scenarios. And these stupid scenarios sound so fake that rather than laughing, you want to hit the author for trying to fool the readers on the name of humor. I recently picked up Rachna Singh's latest book named "Band, Baaja, Boys!". This book also belongs under the humor genre but the cover page and then the synopsis couldn't let me ignore the same. And I must say that this is the first book in the genre which I have liked so much. This will always stay in my favorite list of the books that made me laugh. 

The treatment to the backdrop of the story given by Rachna is amazing where she ensures that anyone who have visited Allahabad or knows someone from there could relate with it very easily. I am a North Indian and therefore I found everything mentioned in this book very relating and true. Author have used humour and sarcasm to discuss many culture and tradition in North India which is actually disgusting, orthodox and backwards. But the way they are talked in this book makes it a hilarious reason for you to laugh and enjoy. The dialects and words used by the characters are totally Illahabadi and anyone who would read the conversations will end up laughing crazily. 

The way characters are setup and their background is discussed makes it more laughable as there is always some or the other incident discussed which we see happening in the family associated with us in our daily life. Still reading it in this book in the author's language makes it more interesting, fresh and funny. The way girls are been looked at in a state like UP has been discussed widely through which many one-liners have been carved out. This book is such that even when you will read it for the 2nd time, you will end up laughing as much as you laughed in the 1st read. I recommend it to everyone who is searching for some fun while reading. I give this book 4.25* out of 5. Definitely, recommended!




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