Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming Soon: "I wrote You name In The Sky And Yours And Yours Too" by Nikhil Chandwani !!!

            The book market currently consists of umpteenth number of romantic and love flicking books. You stand at a Book store and your eyes will start paining after seeing every title consisting the most demanded word- “Love”. People have started hating such novels after 3-4 years of over-dose. We are yet ready to read a romantic flick which has other elements of fun and disaster too. Hence, as soon as one sees that a book is promising to deliver some other funny elements too, one picks it up and goes to the counter to pay for it. 

              Recently, while browsing around the cover pages of some upcoming books, I saw a cover page which attracted me 10 times more than any other book by bestselling author. This debutante- Nikhil Chandwani is making it sure that he will capture everyone’s attention and get into the Bestseller list in the opening month itself. As everyone knows that Facebook is away from being Orkut just because of the Pages that are associated with those fun-loving picture updates of Trolls like Bitch Please, Get Lost Please etc, the cover page of this book has that one laughing picture of Troll. It is enough to make the youth like me and you pick the book to check out the humour part in it. The name of his book is too long but brings a smile on the faces of flirts like us- "I wrote You name In The Sky And Yours And Yours Too". Isn't it amazing? 
                As the Author is from VIT Velore, the college that every aspirants dream to enter, you can expect some real witty sentences and paragraphs that can really make you laugh out loud and scream “WOW”. As the synopsis of the book itself says that it is the American Pie of Indian book’s commercial market, you can expect some lust and raunchiness too. Let’s look forward for this book which almost promises to deliver every element that we look for in a book.


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