Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Beeja ka Jaadu by Rida Chauhan (Book Review: 5*/5) !!!

28th Book of 2021


I remember reading the book named “Wadiya Singh visits Planet Sparkle” published by Sonalika Publication and I was so impressed because I had purchased it for a 6-year-old niece; and the content of the book made me feel so bliss about how beautifully the social messages are imbibed in the children through lovely stories right from their developing years itself. I wished if similar books could get published so that children can benefit most out of them which will also help parents provide values to their kids in the form of stories. As all of you know that I assure that there is equal amount of content in Hindi as our non-English population is huge which are left out whenever we try to convey something in English. Hence, when I got to know about the new book from Sonalika Publication named “Beeja Ka Jaadu”, I really got delighted and picked it up for the same niece and before gifting her, read it myself. Haha! The book is written by Rida Chauhan.


This time the book is about the boy named Arjun who lives in a village. His father is a farmer. The issue here is that his father is idler and doesn’t work at all. Arjun himself tries to work as much as possible along with his studies and household activities. He is a workaholic and a very good boy. One day, he meets a man who gifts him a seed which turns out to be magical. When he goes next day in the field to sow it, suddenly, the seed starts talking to him and asks him to tell any three wishes which can be easily granted by the seed. This makes Arjun very happy. Now these three wishes are where Rida has tried to provide the message to the children through which they can learn great lessons to be a good person in life.


Like the previous book, Sonalika Publication and Rida again focuses on providing good messaging on nature and how it needs to be prevented for the betterment of the society in long run. This is a value which needs to be inculcated in kids as we, the previous and current generation, have already ruined enough on this Planet. It’s time that the next generation is aware about the benefits of nature and preserve it as much as possible.


The story also delivers a good morale value of how a person needs to wish well and best for others which ends up helping them achieve well in life. How we can find happiness in our own life by sharing and providing happiness with others is nicely portrayed through the story. I liked how in the end the Chauhan has also focused on the message knowing that kids might not grasp the purpose the story is providing.


The book also has meanings etc. in the end of the book for few Hindi words in case someone is unable to understand. I believe authors can keep it on the same page itself where the word is mentioned so that children can refer them then and there as some might not know that the meanings are present at the end of the book. There are fun exercises in the end which allows children to paint Arjun and his world as per their imagination while reading the story as well as they get a chance to find 10 differences from the two images. This book again has illustrations and images which makes the reader travel to the world the story is talking about. I feel this is one of the best practices to be followed by the publication house.


Overall, this is a very good initiative and every parent and grown up should ensure that the children in their vicinity are reading such books and stories to learn big messages of life through short stories. How can you rate this book at all – I give it 5 out of 5. Kudos to Rida Chauhan for the amazing short story.







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