Thursday, July 1, 2021

When Love Holds You Forever by Miihir Raaj (Book Preview) !!!


24th Book of 2021


I remember the period between 2010 to 2013 when many authors started trying their luck in writing through the love and college campus stories. I had just started purchasing books online and all these Rs. 100 books were available for just Rs. 50 on e-commerce platforms. This made me read a lot of them which eventually made me fall into love with books. One such book that I read during the same phase was “Plz… Kiss me Or Kill Me” written by the author Miihir Raaj. Many authors whom I read then didn’t write their 2nd book ever as mostly the 1st one was based on their own love experience than being a pure piece of creativity. Miihir Raaj, finally, is back with his 2nd book named “When Love Holds You Forever”. It is a pure love story again with no other genre touching even in its sub-plots.


The book talks about the character of Dev right from the starting as he is the one who is mostly driving the story here. His passion for work and sex is discussed immensely in the 1st half of the book. He is kind of a Casanova and doesn’t believe in falling and settling with one girl at all. There’s a catch here as this personality has developed because of his upbringing and the experience he had with his parents. You will find his character crazy as he will not think twice even while sleeping with his friend’s sister in his absence.


Later, the book starts introducing us with Pooja, a young and successful journalist who is fighting against all odds to be at toes with her job and the challenges that comes with it. Author has very nicely tried to explain us how tough journalism and its tasks can get for girls where they are insulted, molested, and demeaned almost every day as they must get into crowds and do their work. Irrespective of such challenges, Pooja dares to perform her tasks very well and cover things which makes even her seniors conscious about her reporting. She is a very simple girl and has never got involved in any kind of relationship with anyone – leave having physical intimacy.


The book then brings both these characters under each other’s acquaintance and how the two different personalities start gelling together is what this book is mostly about. There are other characters such as Shruti, Farhan, Naaz, Mihir etc. who keeps coming in between to support one or the other among the two protagonists. The pre-climax brings a big twist in tale which has been mentioned in the back-cover of the book too i.e. starting from seduction, traversing through “Sins” the book finally reaches a stage of “Schizophrenia” which changes the whole dimension in which the story was moving in.


The climax will make you feel both- happy and sad. The people who are new in love will love reading this book. The book is a nice pick for beginners in reading journey. The book is available on the major platforms, and you can purchase it from AMAZON on great discount.







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