Friday, December 21, 2018

Blogging for Gold: A to Z of Blogging by Anuj Tikku (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

The way of communicating with an audience is changing gradually since years and there have been new players in each of the mode that becomes prevalent according to the contemporary time. Earlier, people had only radios to communicate then came television. Post television became prominent, new terms of communicators started getting invented such as VJs, hosts, anchors who started influencing people with their shows. And finally, Internet entered and the whole dynamics of communicating changed. Earlier it started with digital magazines owned by an institution which got its own revolution where a person started speaking by himself through his own website which gave a new term to the mankind- Blogger. And the latest book that I have just completed reading is about how a person can enrich his blog and increment his performance as a blogger written by Mr. Anuj Tikka named “Blogging For Gold”. The book also has the tagline that says “A to Z of Blogging”.

The book is divided into 60 chapters which sounds like 60 tutorial classes being given every day on how a person should approach Internet as a blogger should and ensure that his efforts does not go into vain but he is able to earn something out of it- both monetarily and personally. I am glad that people like Anuj Tikka exists who rather than keeping their findings on how to make the craft successful with themselves spread it with their contemporaries ensuring that everyone grows together in a field that can provide lot of opportunities to both- the creators and the audiences. Anuj has written a really no-nonsense book keeping all the chapters and advices crisp with no diversions or non-clarity in thoughts. You can only bless him after reading this book as I, myself, being a blogger since last 10 years learnt a lot from this e-book which is written by someone who has explored the field for just 3 years.

The author has not only given tips on how to increase the readers, subscribers and views on the website but also given solutions on how to write better contents and how a blogger can go beyond just blogging. Not only has he spoken about the benefits one can get by just being a Blogger but taught how a person can earn through integrating their portal with other social media platforms, similar blog sites, affiliate programming e-commerce websites etc. The book opens a great dimension for a person looking out for being a Blogger letting him know the various options he has to explore and convert his hobby into a full-time stuff. Not only talking about just Blogging platform, author has also discussed about being a Youtuber, content creator, self-published author, story-teller, social media influencer, collaborator and what not.

The book is very impressive with its well research and self-experienced content. Though I would like to point out few drawbacks over here- The author has in some places just given references of what to be done but does not give a descriptive solution of how it needs to be done. Secondly, the chapters are not divided into sections which has scattered the chapters belonging to the same subject across the book which confuses the reader if he has completed knowing everything about this one topic or he might get a chapter afterwards on the same stuff. Third and the last, I believe author ended up repeating the same thing quite often to ensure that the reader remembers the same but it becomes monotonous after a point of time. It could have been wonderful if author could have given a summary of all the information in the end as Important Tips that the reader could keep it with himself to refer in future. 

Overall, this is a great book for people wanting to create some stuff online and share with people or get popular. I give this wonderful effort 4 star out of 5. A must read.




Ayushi A Nair said...

great review. Sounds like a great book to all the bloggers to budding bloggers to know more about blogging opportunity and tips and tricks

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