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If It's Not Forever It's Not Love by Durjoy Datta & Nikita Singh !!!

       Almost a month since I have posted a Book Review. I stopped it due to college works. But I read Durjoy Datta/Nikita Singh's "If It's Not Forever It's Not Love" today as I just wanted to read Durjoy Datta as soon as possible in any case. I know I don't like him sometimes because of excessive sex he uses in his books but still I buy and read him. :-) If you ask me how the book is doing, let me tell you that it is being ranked No.8 by Hindustan Times in today's edition itself. Durjoy Datta has already published 5 bestsellers. He has an average fan base of 1,50,000 readers which is quite huge if compared to other fiction writers (who have joined the league in last 5 years). Coming to Nikita Singh, she has two bestsellers in her name. She is quite young to publish book but still she has managed to write 3 books. :-) I should learn something from her and complete my first novel soon. :-) So, both the writers are quite fledged and settled in their field. They are no newcomers and hence, expectations are always high whenever you pick such authors. :-)

            Coming to the story, Deb(Durjoy Datta's favorite character) escapes death in the Delhi High Court's bomb blast that took place in 2011. But he visits the same place after few days of the incident. He finds a burnt diary. First, he thinks that he should leave it there as personal diaries are not meant to be read by others but then he thinks, the owner is no more and he could have been at the place of the diary owner; and hence he should know him and his story. He takes the diary with him. He starts reading it and he finds the boy and his love story interesting and very lovely. Now, he wants to let his girlfriend know that her boyfriend is no more and tell all what he thought about her. Deb's girlfriend-Avantika, friend- Shrey and Shrey's girlfriend- Tiya joins him on his journey of revealing all the pages and meeting all the characters mentioned in the diary. What happens throughout the journey, how these 4 adventure freaks gets connected to the story of the diary is what this book is all about. 

           Coming to the Review, Durjoy Datta is trademarked for the excessive sex elements in his book. I once thrashed his book in a review for the excessive sex and no-story. But his last book- You were my crush took away 3.5 stars from me because it had only story and no sex. I thought that Durjoy has found a new way of progressing a story. Coming to Nikita Singh, I haven't read her 1st book. But I read her 2nd book and it had excessive sex just as DD's book has. I acted like a miser and gave just 2.5 stars. 1 week ago, I said this to her that I am expecting less sex from her in her books and more story, but she replied to me that she has no interest in dealing with my criticism for her until I improve my grammar. She said it in an arrogance. I was shocked. A writer is being asked by her reader(who is known for his book reviews) to eliminate the part which readers are complaining about and the writer retaliates to it aggressively rather than saying "I will improve". And let me tell you, Miss Nikita Singh, even your grammar sucks. You haven't written something incredible yet. Ok? Nikita Singh is already out of my expectations now. No more buying her books. Enough. A writer who can't respect the readers is not a Writer for me. So, coming to the point, DD and NS, both has showed their talent in writing Sex in this book once again. Excessive use of sex has again made this book just another book of DD and NS.

            First, I would like to clap for Grapevine Publishers for printing this book in milky white pages with good font. Otherwise, now-a-days, publishers are using old-brown pages and the same boring fonts which kills half an interest of reading a book. Coming to the story and its narration, the initial pages where the trauma of Deb is described gives you a feel that something very fresh is coming in upcoming pages. The story of the diary begins in the same way as other love stories is being written now-a-days. The funny statements are used throughout the book which makes the book interesting. Some PJs are also included which wins. :-) Deb and Avantika's love story described in the book is what happens after both of them comes together. :-) And this is why, DD is our favorite writer. He always uses a different style to show the love saga of Deb and Avantika. The consequences of getting addicted to drugs/alcohols is perfectly drafted in the book. That's the best parts for me. I will remember the book for it. In particular, 202nd page made me jump off my bed. :-) 

           Now, drawbacks- I just want to ask Durjoy Datta that what does he wants to convey through Deb-Avantika's love saga in every book? That they had sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex and they died having sex one day? I am expecting something like YOU WERE MY CRUSH from you, buddy. Please try something different. Please. There is no use of publishing 6 books in 3 years. Take your time to write a book but write something new. Even the Sex scenarios between Shrey and Tiya fucked my brain. Then, Deb goes under a trauma because he sees how people dies and cries in front of him and thus he shows an attachment with the diary he finds at the spot. Later, at a place, he calls it a fucking diary. With something which changed your life, you will never call it fucking, even when you are too irritated at time. In the end, the book is just as the movie- Bodyguard was. Every exciting element is kept for the last 50 pages. Else, the first 180 pages is just another story. I rate the book 2.5 out of 5. 




Anonymous said...

i just lik the way DD narrates the story in simple way...but the first half of the book only talks about sex sex sex initially thought whether i bought a wrong book to read..later i can realise that i am just getting into the story and want to know what's next and about the 202nd page i had a guess inside that deb and crew gonna meet ritam instead ragini so it does...but i was having a question running on my it a diary or its a personal book which ritam writes..bcse a diray wll have the dates of only a year here it seems the date in diary going for couple years.....i can rate this fiction story as 3 out of 5..ter's a reason behind this ;)... thanx Paran,chennai

Unknown said...

I too read the book and wrote a review...
Just started a blog for it ...

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