Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am BROKE...! LOVE Me when Love and recession struck by Animesh Verma !!!

                 When Ashutosh Gowariker completed his last day of shooting for the movie Lagaan, he said in an interview that if you will ask me to make this movie again, I'll put my hands up. Something similar was said by Rakesh Roshan after Koi Mil Gaya. Some legendary artists don't have guts to re-attempt their best work or some of them feel that even if they will try for next 10 years, they can't match up with the best work they have done before. Animesh Verma's condition seems to be the same. His first book - Love, Life and Dream On was a book of lifetime. You just can't get over the story of the book for months and you keep thinking about the main characters. Animesh Verma is a confident person in real life and the first book showed the power of confidence. His second book - I Am Broke.. Love Me is a book about a young boy who faced a kick from his organization due to recession. The story revolves around the main character- Armaan and his struggling life throughout the book.

            This book is actually a story which deals with both the main factors of life - Girlfriend and Friends. Armaan get stuck in between where he has to chose one from the two and he chooses girlfriend over friends which apart him from his friends. After many years, when he meet his old friends again, he finds that no one needs him one in this fast forward life. Still, as it is said, with the God grace all the friends come together again to accomplish their dream project- Jobs Made Easy and they start working on it again. This time, Armaan didn't had his girlfriend- Vidisha with him but as soon as the project was at its last verge, she comes back in his life. Armaan manages to co-ordinate both the relations at the same time. Even he knew that this project is the only survivor in this season of recession. At last, after all sorts of dramas as you find in any story, the story of this guy ends with a happy note.

         Coming on the review of this book, I must say that the first book by Animesh Verma was far better than his second attempt. The theme of both the books are almost the same. The first book had a fresh story so you love it and give it a place in your heart while this one seems to be repetitive because of the first one and you'll mess up with both the stories after some days. But Animesh has been successful in touching the heart through his book. You can feel each and every emotion and feeling of the main character Armaan. His close friend- Varun also becomes the favourite of the readers in the second half. You will love Armaan's girlfriend- Vidisha. Vidisha is shown not less than a fairy in the book which excites you to read more to know about the fairy. ;-) The character of Abhi is no less than a dream character. I am in love with that character after reading the book. Animesh Verma turns out to successful in bringing out tears in some parts of the story. In this book, you will find the mistakes from publisher more than the mistakes by the writer. Many spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are attempted by the publisher. The same problem was with Animesh's first book too and it continued in the second one. I hope Animesh will concentrate on his 3rd book that the same mistake is not repeated again. Animesh has kept his style of writing and parlance intact. For a new reader, this book will act as an accelerator as the language is kept simple. 

           I will rate this book 7 out of 10 and I will recommend everyone to read it once because it has a different content in it. Atleast not like the book of some authors which starts from a girl and doesn't leave the topic till the end. This has a variety. Go for it.




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